As a Mompreneur- you have a lot to do. Some days the tasks of both roles as Mother and Entrepreneur are impossible to juggle. There are only so many hours in a day and it can feel like you are never ahead.

Good News! I am here to help.

Let Me Do It For You! Services:
I believe every business is unique and therefore so is my service and cost to you. My specialties include Branding, Shopify design & back end assistance, Social Media creation and management including Ad Campaigns, Photography and Videography production, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, Brand Development including B2B sales, Influencer & Brand Rep Program management, and Podcasts.

Learn How to do it! Services:
Business coaching and consultation with training on social media, Shopify, marketing strategies, and more!

While I do not have a distinct price list, I do have minimum fees. With hourly projects, a minimum of three hours will be charged. Social Media management starting at $30 a week. Graphic Design starting at $30/hr CAD. Shopify assistance starting at $22/hr CAD. Videography is quoted per project. New business branding starting at $299 CAD. Business coaching starts with a 3-month commitment. Each design project is charged an equipment fee of $29 CAD as access to the best equipment for your project is imperative, this includes the required software licenses for the best graphic design programs ensuring the highest quality product, photography equipment if needed, the infrastructure to transfer project data securely and payment gateway fees.

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